A Jornada

“Oh my god!! This is amazing, I want to make games” – Raimbault, Marcelo and other millions young kids playing games.  

We all know that this number gradually drops when kids learn about some other cool stuff and even more when they realize how hard it is to make video games. However, time and difficulty weren’t enough to take me out of the way. These “problems” were only incentives to me. I love to overcome my weaknesses and beat challenges.

It has been almost 10 years since I started making “games” using basic RPG and fighting game engines. Still, every new thing that I learn/make/see/play makes me repeat the same old thing: “Oh my god!! This is amazing, I want to make games”.

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Computer Engineering from Universidade Federal de Uberlândia – Brazil. There I worked in different game related projects and labs. (Beside all undergraduate’s cool stuff, of course)

After it, two friends and I founded our Indie Game Development Studio: GILP Studio. It is almost 2 years now and we developed five different projects, from advertising to entertainment games. Our studio is operating at a slower pace now, since two developers (including myself) are enrolled in master’s programs.

As you might imagine, at the moment I’m studying. Until July 2016 I’ll be in The Guildhall at SMU, Texas, as a Producer/Level Designer student thanks to the Brazil Scientific Mobility Master’s Degree Program’s scholarship.


We are a team of individuals; there is no better way to describe it. Together and respecting each other’s ideas we work to create incredible things. ​ As passionate game developers, we always look for new ways to make great games without forsaking our role in society.

Gilp Studio started with an innovative idea for a game that kept us striving for quality and perfection. As we kept going, this has become our studio vision: quality and value for the players.

That’s Gilp, the games everyone likes to play.​

GILP Studio was founded in 2013 by Marcelo Spiezzi, Lucas Humberto and Lucas Pereira. They teamed up to develop a game in order to compete on the 1º SEBRAE Entrepreneurs’ Game Development Contest. After being awarded with the 5th position on a national contest with their first game, they decided it was time to start their game development career for real.

Several games and years later, now they got experience to embark on bigger projects with their own IP’s.


Areia is an relaxing experience set on a world created only from sand and water. In this unique place your decisions are tied to your karma and shape the journey ahead of you.
There are times we find ourselves on a world full of things but empty on essence. This vast desert of materiality tricks us on a endless and confusing path. But once you understand the limitations of matter you realize this is not the path and each element reveals its essence.
Now, when you seek virtue over wealth, an enormous sea of wisdom overwhelms your search for answers. It’s your fate to comprehend these tides and create a virtuous path to enlightenment.

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